Chiseled Face – Cryogen – Bath Soap Imperfect

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Cryogen, the cold, ultra mentholated option in men’s grooming.  While this does have a high level of menthol, be aware that it will not feel as cold as the shaving version.  Menthol takes a while to take effect, and unless you are showering for a very long time without rinsing off, this will only have time to provide a mild chill.

Our handmade natural oil soap formulas are fastidiously crafted to deliver a gentle, skin-friendly soap that offers a rich lather and leaves your skin feeling healthy, smooth, and brilliantly fresh.

Just because you are a man, doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself. Don’t buy a “bath bar” that can’t even legally call itself a soap – get a chunk of good old fashioned soap, with a clean masculine scent. Wash off your day’s funk so you can start tomorrow – or tonight – fresh and clean.

This bar of soap can be used in the bath, for your hands, or for your face. It’s soap. It cleans what’s dirty.

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