L&L Grooming – Bandwagon – Shaving Soap


“Bandwagon” is my tongue-in-cheek addition to the barbershop (inspired) genre. It is heavily based on my memories of going to my grandfather’s barber, Guy, to get my signature bowl cut. He would always finish the cut with talcum powder and a splash of aftershave behind my ears. This scent is my attempt to relive those memories.

The scent is a classic powdery-musk and sandalwood base bolstered by lavender, camphor, coumarin, tarragon, and a touch of anise with a bergamot top.

I decided to keep this scent lighter than some of my other more strongly-scented offerings. Like those classic fragrances from my grandfather’s barbershop, Bandwagon is designed not to interfere with your fragrance choice for the day.

Please note: The initial smell off the puck is significantly different than the full fragrance once lathered. Please do not judge the soap based on the dry smell, as my soap base heavily mutes the mid and top notes, leaving a mostly musky smell. This scent is normal and transforms into its final form once lathered.

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