RazoRock – The Best Deodorant On Earth! – Tea Tree


The Best Deodorant On Earth! By RazoRock – Tea Tree

Natural and powerful – smell good all day.

Only 3 base ingredients, all of switch you can pronounce! Natural Soda, for use in organic production, Non GMO Corn Starch, and organic Vegetable Glycerin. That’s it! No aluminum, no fancy man made chemicals, no harsh detergents, no alcohol, no parabens… you get the point.
For the scented versions, only natural essential oils are used
Does not stain your clothes
Once a day application, long lasting!
Low cost of use; each jar will last 4-5 months of daily use
Does NOT stop your body from naturally sweating. Does NOT clog the pores underneath your arms
Recyclable packaging

This is natural, and has no emulsifiers, so keep the following in mind:

#1… you apply this deodorant with your finger; ya, you dip your finger in the jar, get a dime sized amount on your finger and then apply it under your arm.

#2… it’s REALLY all natural and no chemical emulsifiers were used to keep it perfectly mixed at all times. Sometimes you will have to give it a little stir with the mini popsicle stick we’ve included or with your tiny utensil of choice.

#3… it’s not going to work on everybody because well, we are human! A very small percentage of people might even experience irritation because your body doesn’t like one of the ingredients; yes, it happens with every product.

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