Tallow + Steel – Morocco Organic Tallow Shave Soap


Walk through the fields of wild roses, growing high up in morocco’s atlas mountains with this masculine floral scent.

Morocco unlocks the intense perfume of wild roses – carefully selected and handpicked at dawn by locals to retain the dewy morning freshness. Nobody knows for sure how roses first came to this remote region of morocco, but legend has it that merchants from Damascus introduced the rose to the area long ago.

Combined with the undertones of Mediterranean cypress and atlas cedar, powdery oakmoss and the delicious smokiness of cade provide a perfect counterpoint to the sweet Moroccan rose.

Morocco is a truly unique scent originating from the heart of these African mountains; just as the rose traveled from ancient Syria to the heart of morocco, this intoxicating scent will travel to you.

Atlas Cedarwood + Oakmoss + Cade + Cypress + Rose

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